The agency Laird + Partners approached me with an opportunity to create an illustrative approach for their world wide campaign of print and broadcast advertising for GAP.
(Print) Design, Illustration
(Motion) Concept, Illustration, Design, Direction, Animation, Composite, Project Management
Print Ads USA/
Print Ads Europe/
Print Ads Japan/
Print Ads Instore & Street/
Magazine Press/
illustrations: Gerald Mark Soto
Agency: Laird+Partners
Print Campaign
President: Trey Laird
Creative Director: Carl Byrd
illustrations: Gerald Mark Soto
Designer: Dorian Chen (Gap Denim USA, GAP Cords JAPAN)
Producer: Britta Larsen
Television Campaign
President: Trey Laird
Creative Director: Carl Byrd
Producer: Britta Larsen
Director: Francis Lawrence
Dance Choreograph: The Talauega Brothers
Visual Effects
(Responsible for Morphing of clothing)
Design & Animation
Creative Director: André Stringer, Jose Gomez
Design & Animation: Gerald Mark Soto, Eric Bauer
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Producer: Jeremy Yaches
( CO ): Laird+Partners, Shilo, Method, Salvame
Made at Shilo

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