A new look at those tiny wholesome crackers. Beware they look back.
Previs Direction / On-Set VFX Supervisor / Post Production Direction / Creative Direction / Project Management
Producer: Javier Gonzalez
Producer: Amy Fahl
Producer: Julie Shevach
Head Creative Director: André Stringer
Consulting Creative Director: Cassidy Gearhart
3D Animation & Designers:
Joji Tsuruga
Dave Han
Craig Kohlmeyer
Cedrick Gousse
3D Modeler: Christina Ku
Assistant (Design, Visual Effects, Animation, VFX Supervising):
Joel Voelker
Helen H. Kim
Queen Roto
Helen H. Kim
Joel Voelker
Shiowen Hong
3D Tracking:
Atsuki Hirose
Helen H. Kim
Shiowen Hong
Joel Voelker
Made at Shilo

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