A fun stylistically animated experience of a family individually enjoying their COX internet throughout their home. I created 2 custom made rigs of a magnifying glass and a hand-held device. The rigs needed to be modular enough to match cel-animated hands and finely tuned animated scenes. Each rig also had a built-in layer to create a sense of depth.  
Animation, Rigging
Breakdown Device/
Breakdown Magnifying Glass/
Magnifying Glass Rig with Matte. Download here.
Lead Animator: DeeKay Kwon
Animation: DeeKay Kwon, Gerald Mark Soto, Jack Maschka, Paul Yung Jae Suh, Seong Yeop Sim
Device/Magnifying Rig: Gerald Mark Soto
Cel Animation: Jeff Bryson
3D: Jeff Bryson, Danish Jamil
Designer: Andres Rivera
Associate Creative Director: Andres Rivera
Client: COX
Made at Brand New School

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