As the audience is walking in and taking their seats before being awed by Google’s 2018 keynote at their annual developer conference in Mountain View, California they are welcomed and entertained by the carefully curated branded animations on the gigantic Triple Screen at the Shoreline Amphitheater. A totally of ten 20 to 30 second animations with a core message of “Make Things Better” were the focus of the 20 minute segment, as well as transitional and wallpaper-esque animations to make for a seamless experience. By building a library of elements it allowed animators to quickly structure and formulate animations. Above you’ll see a selection of the overall work and below you will see specific sections I worked on.
Demo animations were meticulously timed and crafted to be used during the live keynote for the opening of Google I/O. Working on-site days before and up to the launch of the event was crucial for ensuring a proper execution. You can see samples of the demos below.
Animation, Composite, On-Site Animation (Demos)
On Location/ (Footage shot FX Goby of Nexus Studios)
Element Build/
Walk-In Animations/
Type Animation for Musical/
*The full animated segment of musical was animated by DeeKay which is in the top of this post in the video. I worked on the type animation to stretch and wiggle. 
The script Overlord was used to help with setup and animation for the entire project. Great script!
Scripts used/
Transitional branding/
Loopable Wallpaper/
Some demos from the live keynote/
*⬆︎animated by Naoko Hara, Refined and revised by me.
Photos from the live keynote/
Entire body of work made for the walk-in, this work is done by everyone in the credits/
Walk-In Animation
Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Andres Rivera
Producers: Johnna MacArthur
Designer: Abigail Goh, Andres Rivera, Seong Yeop Sim, Tom Alex Buch, Gerald Mark Soto, Deekay Kwon, Jeff Welk, 
Senior Lead Animator: Gerald Mark Soto
Animation: DeeKay Kwon, Mike Costabile, Seong Yeop Sim, Tom Alex Buch, Eddie Song
Live Demos
Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Daniel Uribe
Producers: Andre Araujo
Designer: Abigail Goh, Jack Maschka, Rachael Park, Andre Araujo
Senior Lead Animator & on-site animator(Mountain View): Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Seong Yeop Sim, Naoko Hara, Jack Maschka, Jim Forester, Paul Yung Jae Suh, Time Farrell, Halim Kim, Olle Engstrom
Client: Google
Made at Brand New School

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