Homage & Tribute.
A personal project for my grandfather in law, which has now passed away. Q, which he liked to be called, was an avid artist and enjoyed sketching live settings. One of his favorite subjects to draw was kabuki performances. For anyone who has actually been to a kabuki performance in Japan you would know that any photo taking of the performance is strictly prohibited. Q would depict them with sketches....he honored me with a series of sketches as a gift, because I'm a fellow artist he thought i would appreciate them. Well I did enough to return the favor by animating his sketches. I was lucky enough to present him this video 6 months before his passing.
Concept, Design, Direction, Animation, Composite

Design & Direction: Gerald Mark Soto
Animation: Gerald Mark Soto
3D Curtain: Goo-Shun Wang
Drawings: Q. Suzuki
Made by Salvame

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