A powerful visual language of Peloton and Beyoncé weaved together through a collage of imagery from multiple sources and kinetic typography. Tunnels, split screens, and sophisticated visual effects carefully design the compositions and elaborate color combinations. The sense of a constant speed of moving forward was a challenge to balance the energy of the edit and visuals. Lots of experimentation was researched for the right combination.
Animation Direction, Motion Language, Animation, Composite & Conform
Pitch Animations that awarded the project/
Logo Development & Exploration/
Associate Creative Director: Andres Rivera @racoonnook
Art Director: Daniel Uribe
Producer: @kreestaina
Designers: Mercedes Affleck, @jamdownflava , @clausstudios , Emeric Trahand
Animation Lead: Gerald Mark Soto, Mike Costabile
Animators: Yeop Sim, Anthony Kim @timlingard
Editors: Eben Bull, Tylers Byrnes
Colorists: @classic_mike1 & @jimmynez at @color__collective
Audio Mixer: @fallonyoursword
CCO: @jonathannotaro
HoP: @stella_marie_bird
Client: Peloton
Made at Brand New School

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