I was introduced on to the project early on from concepting all the way to delivery. Being present that early allowed me to join the creative process and formulate a previsulaization of the entire project before principle shooting ever started. Developing a full previs of the entire project allowed for smooth shooting experience when the time came. During the shoot I acted as the visual effects supervisor and also performed onsite editing as the shoot progressed to ensure that we got every shot for the spot. Compositing followed with the help of Lu Liu, we both worked on screen animations and screen replacements. Below is the previs.

Concept, Direction, Animation, VFX Supervising, On-Set Edit, Composite
Screen Grabs/
Behind the Scenes/
Visual Effects Supervisor: Gerald Mark Soto
Lead Composite: Gerald Mark Soto
Animation & Composite: Gerald Mark Soto, Lu Liu
Producer: Barry Gilbert
Executive Producer Garrett Braren, Cheri Anderson
Art Director: Jesse Parker
Creative Director: Jonathan Emmerling
Live Action Director: Karim Zariffa
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Duffy

Client: Squaresapce
Made at 1st Ave Machine

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