Got a chance to work on select shots for this fun animation project to promote American Express. The most fun was figuring out how to bend rope into  a specific shape and then into a word. Check out the select shots below.
Animation, Composite
Shots Worked On/
Playblast Cinema 4D/
These are the tutorials I found to help me create the above animation. Xpresso Tutorial How to Morph Between Splines
Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Andres Rivera
Designers: Andres Rivera, Abigail Goh, Jesse, Corey, Seong Yeop Sim
Producers: Johnna MacArthur
Animators: Peter Harp, Eddie Song, Gerald Mark Soto, Olle Engström, Seong Yeop Sim, Deekay Kwon
For: American Express
Made at Brand New School

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