To help kick off Google Android's new features, Brand New School was asked to create four animated stories showing off the functionalities of the new OS. My job was to initially take the stylized designs and make a modular build in After Effects for the animation team. After the motion language was set I created a motion sketch edit for each story, the motion sketch visualized the pacing and velocity of each element and scene. Afterward, I created a visual roadmap of each story and assigned shots to a team of 14 animators over several weeks of production. During the process, I was also able to do some pickup shots, elements, particles, and UI animations. At the end of each story, I assembled all the shots into a conform for final delivery.
Animation Director, Animation, Conform
Initial Modular Build with Shape Layers/
Shots Animated/
Motion Sketch/
*Animatic edit for animation timing purposes.
Full Conform (see credits below)/ 
Particles & UI/
Chandelier Built to look 2D, made in Cinema 4D/
Animator's Roadmap/
Creative Directors: Magnus Hierta
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Seong Yeop Sim, Olle Engstrom, Josh Parker, Philip Nordstrom, Scott Jonsson, David Jouppi, Ross Plaskow, Anthony Kim, Mathijs Luijten and others.
Client: Google
Made at Brand New School

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