One of the most complex arrangements of compositing from 3D to After Effects on this project that was over 2 minutes long and a single shot. The logistics of just rendering 3D that long was just the first challenge that in turn affected how fast we could composite all the elements on time before the 1st game of the NBA Finals. At one point of leading this job it required 2 compositing artists to operate the final composition just to complete. Every monitor and reflection in the spot was generated by UV mapping passes. Some scenes had over 30 UV Maps present at one time. Organization was key for success on this project.

Design, Project Management, Animation & Composite
Screen Grabs/
Project Manager: Gerald Mark Soto
Element Design: Gerald Mark Soto
Animation & Composite (Lead): Gerald Mark Soto
Animation & Composite: Dorian West & Will Decker
3D: Andy Gilbert, Nate Homan & Many more
Executive Producer: Ryan McRee
Creative Director: Kevin Robinson

Made at Juniper Jones

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