It was my task to composite one out of five commercials staring an animated Kawhi Leonard. Some specific to the compositing that went into this spot was: Animating a modular sky, water ripples, adding glows to the lightning effect, creating a landscape with depth and lighting, and blending all the beautiful cel animations that were created by the other artist on the project. 
Compositing & Animation
Shot Build/
Associate Creative Director: Scott Uyeshima
Producer: Garrett Braren
Art Director: Ren Chen
Compositing: Gerald Mark Soto
Designers: Valentino Vilches, Gretel Cummings, Kim Lin, Freya Yeh, Scott Jonsson, Boell Oyino, JP Peer, Yi-Jen Liu, Will Rosado
Animation: Gerald Soto, Reza Iman, Abi Farifax, Scott Jonsson, Mina So, Phil Powers, Lizzi Akana, Cameron Reyes
Client: Honey
Made at Brand New School

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