A world class ballerina and awesome lady, please meet Isabella Boylston. I was lucky enough to be invited to Christopher Fung’s shoot of Isabella as secondary photographer. With all the footage I shot I was able to compile an edit of the fun day. Also below you can see the actual promotional video for Isabella. My inspiration for the color correct was to have Isabella as much as possible feel like she was made of porcelain. 
Details// (Above Video Only)
Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera - BMPCC (Various ASA)
Shutter Angle: variable 172.8 / 30FPS
Lenses: Distagon T* 2/28 & Apo Sonnar T* 2/135
Computer: MacBook Pro Retina 11,3
Edit: Premiere CC
Color: Davinci Resolve 11
GFX: After Effects CC 2015 + Neat Video + Film Convert Pro
Duties/ (Above Video Only)
Concept, Design, Direction, Animation, Composite (After Effects), Director of Photography, Color Correct (Davinci Resolve)
Before & After (Color Correct)/
Primary promotion video that I contributed to as camera B/
Credits// (Isabella Boylston - Winter Practice)
Photography: Gerald Mark Soto
Edit: Gerald Mark Soto
Color Correct: Gerald Mark Soto
Made at Salvame

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