My contribution to this NBA app project was working out a motion language for game footage, compositing two live-action shots with graphics, and developing a dynamic and modular type animator for use for multiple endtag supers. The type animator used expressions to stagger through different weights of a typeface while still maintaining its justification. The plugin Slitscan, from ( @aescripts ) was used to create the fanning/repeating game footage for several shots.
Motion Language, Animation, Composite
Game Footage/ Kinetic Type & SlitScan Footage
Breakdown/ Two Shots
Type Animation/ Expression driven typeface weight shift.
Pitch Animations/
CruchTime Spot/
Full Spot/ Check out the final.
Director & CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Jeff Welk
Designers: Jeff Welk, Claire Kho, Justin C. Harder, Abigail Goh
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Dave LoGiudice, Seong Yeop Sim
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Producer: Joshua Syx
Associate Producer: Brendan Mills
Client: NBA
Produced by Brand New School

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