This pitch was tailored for Brooks, a premier brand renowned for its cutting-edge running shoes and apparel. Our objective was to imbue the brand's label with dynamic movement, showcasing diverse destinations and individuals relentlessly pursuing their goals through running. Our proposed approach involved crafting a typographically-driven narrative, complemented by a visually striking film direction. We aimed to capture the essence of Brooks' ethos with robust cinematic elements that resonated with audiences, conveying a sense of empowerment and determination. Through engaging storytelling and captivating visuals, our vision was to elevate Brooks' brand identity, inspiring runners worldwide to embark on their own transformative journeys with Brooks by their side.
Animation Direction, Animation
Chief Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director & Lead Designer: Nico Casavecchia
Creative Director: Andrés Rivera
Designers: Cathy Xiao, Phoebe Hsu, Bon Zhang, Ruiqi Zhou, Jeff Welk, Emeric Trahand, Justin Harder
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Felix Hemstadius, Hao Yeh, Maria Cruz, Elizabeth Laferriere, Christina Rendon
Footage Research: Daniel Uribe
Image Search: Emily Friedman
Editor: John McSwain
Assistant Editor: Ryan Rigley
Producer: Kyle McKeveny
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Client: Brooks
Produced by Brand New School

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