Snap - Lens Fest 2023. Lens Fest epitomizes an annual pinnacle for Snap, solidifying its position as the forefront global leader in augmented reality. This innovative concept embraces a fusion of media formats, resonating with the vibrant, assertive spirit of the Snap community. Infused with a youthful essence and profound insight, Lens Fest serves as a reflective showcase, spotlighting the creativity and dynamism of the world's most captivating group of AR creators and enthusiasts. BNS employed a seamless blend of Cinema 4D and Element 3D within After Effects to craft dynamic 3D animated stickers and typography. Leveraging Element 3D facilitated efficient workflow management, particularly when accommodating frequent script alterations. Greyscalegorilla's 'Signal' played a pivotal role in ensuring our 3D assets consistently delivered flawless modular loops. By harnessing a combination of After Effects' 3D space capabilities and loop expressions, we seamlessly integrated all elements, enhancing the fluidity of the overall composition. Below are the portions that I personally animated.
Animation Direction, Animation
Shape animations were made in Element 3D/
AlphaNumerical animations were made in Element 3D/
Chief Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Director: Nico Casavecchia
Creative Director: Andrés Rivera
Art Director: Amy Wallace
Designers: Cathy Xiao, Jun Yang, Phoebe Hsu, Bon Zhang, Andrew Tan, Nni Wang, Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Felix Hemstadius, Anthony Kim, Cristina Rendón, Liz Lukens, Biheng Ellie Sun, Stefany Yoo Park, Fabio Lamarche
Compositor: Alexis Jo
3D Animators: Klopas Oey
Editor: Andrew Polich
Producer: Ryan Burcham
Associate Producer: Julia Prout
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Client: Snap
Produced by Brand New School

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