Home to thousands of stories across 23 genres, BNS was tasked to design and create content to help promote the service. I was tasked with directing the animation in order to create dozens of animations in various formats to meet all screens. Many weeks went into developing the right look and feel that would match the aesthetics of Webtoon. Each spot is broken down into segments that were built in After Effects to fit modularly in order for imagery of IP, color, and textures to switch out with ease.
Animation, Motion Language, Animation Direction
Build/ (This segment was built as one long artboard)
Layers were staked in 3D space for parallax.
Logo Animations/
The initial design evolved from heavy textures to simplified layering.
Build/ Finding the right pace.
Development/ Logo Transitions
Developing the Doom Scroll
Cracking animation, a modular type system with live text, and Scribble strokes.
Final Spots/
Creative Director: Jeff Welk
Designers: Abigail Goh, Claire Kho, Lia Kim, Jun Yang, Jelly Wei
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Mike Costabile, Liz Lukens, JaeWoo Park
Editor: Tyler Byrnes
Executive Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Producer: Joshua Syx
Client: Webtoon
Produced by Brand New School

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