After weeks of design by the Brand New School design team,  I was tasked to project manage the animation with a team of seven animators. The first steps were to create an animatic, then divide the work up among the animators with a visual roadmap. I was able to pick up a shot that required the only 3D used in the animation. When all the animation was completed I assembled a conform for final delivery.
Project Manage, Animation & Conform
Texture Toolkit for Animators/
Sign Shot/
Sign Shot - Breakdown/
Animator's Roadmap/
Associate Creative Director: Andres Rivera
2D Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Producer: Brendan Mills
Animators: Manuel Nato, Robin Desnoue, Ross Plaskow, Matt Everton, Michael Towers, Anthony Kim
Client: Brennan Center
Made at Brand New School

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