A team of After Effects, cel, and 3D animators were utilized to build robust stylized designs and art created and directed by Andrés Rivera. Maintaining the look and design of the artwork was of the utmost importance. My task was to lead the After Effects team in compositing the cel and 3D artist work for each shot of the four 15-second unique theme spots plus a few 6-seconds shorts. Their are shots that I was able to execute the cel animation entirely within After Effects utilizing the shape layers and set matte plugins. For  more details on the project visit:
Animation Direction, Animation, Composite, Cel
More Finals/
Planters/ Two Shots
(Left) Composite, 3D Lighting & Render, and Cel Animation. (Right) Composite Only.
Breakdown Shots.
Salon/ Four Shots
(Top Left) Composite and Cel Animation. (Top Right) Composite, Cel Animation, and FX [Trapcode Particular]. (Low Left) Composite, Cel Animation, and FX [Genart Sapphire]. (Low Right) Composite and FX [Trapcode Particular & Genart Sapphire]
Breakdowns Shots.
Cel Shots. Built-in After Effects with Shape Layers and original design Photoshop files.
Domino/ Four Shots
(Top Left) Composite and Cel Animation [Closeup Only]. (Top Right) Composite, Cel Animation. (Low Left) Composite, Cel Animation. (Low Right) Composite.
Breakdown Shots.
Cel Shots. Built-in After Effects with Shape Layers and original design Photoshop files.
Music Car/ One Shot
(Left) Composite and Cel Animation [Main Center Female Only]. (Right) Cel Animation Only.
Breakdown Shots. (Left) Cel Animation. (Right) Full Shot.
Close Up. (Left) Earring. (Right) All Strokes were expression'd together to animate when the camera dolly out to maintain appropriate thickness to the surrounding artwork.
Previs Animation Maps/ 
Creative Director: Andrés Rivera
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Bryson
Designers: Mercedes Affleck, Abigail Goh, Nick Illuzada, Lia Kim, Esther Lalanne, Jelly Wei
Illustrators: David Saracino, Glenn Thomas
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Cel Animators: Sachio Cook, Janelle DeWitt, Diego Ferrero, Taik Lee, Jane Liu, Xinhui Ma, Casper Nykopp, Blake Patrick, Luke Toth, Oliver Wee
2D Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Anthony Kim, Liz Lukens, Seong Yeop Sim, Mantas Grauzinis
3D Animators: Mike Costabile, Abigail Fairfax, Seong Yeop Sim, Pete Germano
3D Artists: Chris de la Guardia, Shalinder Matharu, Jun Yang
Storyboards: Simon Ampel, Will Rosado
Editor: Ryan Rigley
Chief Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Producer: Joshua Syx
Client: Publicis NY / Café Bustelo
Produced by Brand New School

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