An amazing fun take at an afternoon TV watching kid session. My involvement was at a compositing level only and some animation work for the music video backgrounds.
Director: Shilo
Design and Production Company: Shilo 
Creative Director: Andre Stringer / Jose Gomez / Evan Dennis
Lead Artist: Evan Dennis
Design: Evan Dennis, Andre Stringer
Animation/ Compositing: Stieg Retlin, Eric Bauer, Seth Ricart, Wyeth Hanson, Rick Maltwitz, Marco Giampaolo, Dorian West, Gerald Mark Soto
Editor: Nathan Caswell, Galen Summer
Producer: Dexter Randazzo
Line Producer: Magali Selosse
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Previsualization Artist: Fred Fassberger
Client: Cartoon Network
Creative Director: Sean Atkins
Art Director: Kevin Fitzgerald
Head of Production: Nathania Seale
Client: Cartoon Network
made at Shilo

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