BNS was tasked with developing a comprehensive brand language system and guidelines aimed at effectively communicating Dolby's technology. Working closely with the design team, I took on the responsibility of animating and directing the portrayal of how sound behaves and interacts according to the technology. Although visualizing sound presented challenges, the process was immensely rewarding, driven by its exploratory nature. The animation was showcased both individually and within a living room setting.
Animation Direction, Animation
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Chloe Greene
Designers: Jelly Wei, Valentino Vilches, Yoon Lee
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Mathijs Luijten, Seong Yeop Sim, Ellie Sun
COO: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Producer: Sascha Flick
Client: Dolby
Produced by Brand New School

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