This project required design, animation & development of an interior show package toolkit for Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022. The toolkit consisted of transitions, lower 3rds, banners & picture-in-picture dimensional panels. All which need to be updatable in After Effect as well as through the Motion Graphic Template utilized in Premiere with both live type and swappable video footage. The development required a fast turnaround for editing a live production of the event. All the 3D panels where made and constructed within After Effects using the C4D Render Engine. Great care was made to give the glass panels dimension, realistic lighting and reflection to match the show's aethetics. Several version and options where developed in order to find the right animation direction, below you will see the other options as well as the actual showcase
Design, Animation & Toolkit (After Effects Automation) (Premiere Mograt)
Transitions - Premiere Mograt/
Picture-in-Picture Options & Layer Breakdown of C4D Engine in AE/
Transition Options/
Banner & Lower 3rd Options/
Video Walkthrough Premiere Mograt - Panels & Transitions/
Video Walkthrough After Effects Toolkit/
Associate Creative Director: Emeric Trahand
Executive Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Designer & Animator of Toolkit: Gerald Mark Soto
Automation (After Effects / Premiere): Gerald Mark Soto
Client: Meta
Made at Brand New School

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