The How-To for Adobe Photoshop. Three themes (Sky Replace / Spot Heal / Blend Mode) with two executions (Action / Tutorial) and various ratios were made to complete the job, plus end cards. The number of deliverables was over 200 items. To turn around snappy client revisions, we used a dimensional cursor using After Effects C4D render engine. This dimensional AE cursor was used for the entirety of the animation process till the client was satisfied with the flight path. Once approved, the positional & rotation data were baked out of AE and were then imported into Cinema 4D where a cursor was modeled, lit & rendered for use in AE. 
Animation Direction, Animation, 3D
AE Cursor / C4D Render Engine
Multiple parented nulls were used to achieve any motion needed for storytelling. The nulls where then baked together to give C4D the data it needed to create one animation track.
Spot Heal Version/
Spot heal spot was animated by Seong Yeop Sim.
Previous Versions - Sky Replace/
Previous Versions - Blend Mode/
Director & CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Jeff Welk
VFX Supervisor: Blake Huber
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Designers: Abigail Goh, Claire Kho, Jelly Wei, Lia Kim, Meg Hunt, Sebastien Camden, Yi Kuo
Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Anthony Kim, Seong Yeop Sim, Jaewoo Park, Michael Costabile
Photo Retoucher: Jim Lind
Nuke Compositor: Sung Eun Moon
Flame Operators: Tamir Sapir, John Budion
Editor: Ryan Rigley
Assistant Editor: Andrew Polich, Tyler Byrnes
Chief Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Producer: Joshua Syx
Client: Adobe
Produced by Brand New School

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