The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 is a motion graphics piece directed by Michael Waldron and created by a group of artists from around the world. It debuted at this years Motion Conference in Santa Fe. The idea was to create a piece of art that you share with another artist. That artist has to figure out how to seamlessly transition into their piece and then they hand off their work to another artist. This is my contribution. The location was in Chinatown and the Circle Rig by Manfrotto was the best way to get the action necessary for the project. Joohee Marie Hong manned the camera and very painstakingly learned to build a metronome like rotation. Below you can find the full compilation of all the artist.
Proposed Treatment/
Spectra Balance. An experiment based on equilibrium and the gamut of color. Our hero will follow camera directed rolls to maintain level balance, while the world around him loses its hold of its scope of color. Each roll of the camera strips away the range of color till all is lost.
Concept, Design, Direction, Animation, Composite (After Effects), Color Correction (Davinci Resolve)
Color Correct/
Full project with all artist/
Concept, Design, Direction, Animation, Composite: Gerald Mark Soto
Color Correction: Gerald Mark Soto
Photography: Joohee Marie Hong

Client: Exquisite Corpse
Made at Salvame

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