New year, new screen to create animation for Google's CES 2020 playground. A combination of 2D & 3D story vignettes were designed and animated by the team at Brand New School. It took about 2 months to complete dozens upon dozens of animations including elements for live running 24-hour content on Unity. Alongside all the animations created for the on-site CES Google playground, another set of animations were created for the Harmon screen located on the world-famous Las Vegas strip.
Animation Director & Animation
CES Story Vignettes/
Harmon Center Screen - Las Vegas Strip/
Previous version of the Harmon animation with color.
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Naoko Hara, Seong Yeop Sim, Jack Maschka, Paul Yung Jae Suh, Jaime Flores, Jerry Liu, Olle Engstrom, Wes Richardson
Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro, Bucky Fukumoto
Design: Jelly Wei, Jun Yang, Mercedes Affleck, Abigoh Goh
Associate Creative Director: Andres Rivera
Producer: Tess Sitzmann
Complete booth content managed by: Red Paper Heart
Client: Google
Made at Brand New School

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