A charming and whimsical celebration of holidays unfolds through each story for WhatsApp, each infused with a fresh narrative twist and vibrant, expressive visuals. Highlighting three distinct events—Lunar New Year, Diwali, and New Year's Countdown—this collection captivates with its visually pleasing spectrum of animations. From the dynamic Lion Dance to the enchanting Lanterns of Diwali, each scene is meticulously animated with unique and expressive artistry. The use of cel animation enriches pivotal moments, providing the perfect perspective and ambiance. @aescripts plugin 'BAO Boa' seamlessly propels the lion through the sky, while the intricately looped vector paths of Diwali lanterns, skillfully crafted with the @aescripts 'Penpal 2' script, ensure precise control over every detail.
Animation Direction, Animation
Chief Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Scott Uyeshima
Designers: Jelly Wei, Yoon Lee, Ruiqi Zhou, Yi Chen Kuo, Bon Zhang
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Oliver Wee, Hao Yeh, Federico Saenz-Recio, Biheng "Ellie" Sun, 
Producer: Francesca Moran
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Client: WhatsApp
Produced by Brand New School

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