Space is the place, so say it Jelly Wei by way of her design. I had lots of fun animating this spot. The highlights during animating this one was creating the motion of a convincing wobble of the planets on a string. I used Element 3D @andrewkramer for 2 planets that had rings, I felt it was the best way to get the best result based on the design. Enjoy the BTS, a breakdown of process. The script KEYboard @aescripts was and always is incredibly helpful for managing all my keyframes. Produced at Brand New School.
BTS - Breakdown/
Design: Jelly Wei - @jelly_wei 
Animation: Gerald Mark Soto -  @geraldmarksoto 
ACD: Andres Rivera @raccoonnook 
CD: Chris Dooley @doolsgold 
CCO: Jonathan Notaro @jonathannotaro

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